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With PCB layout center and 40+ PCB layout, IS offers multi platform PCB layout capabilities. We are thorough and expert with the most reliable PCB layout tool, Cadence-ALLEGRO.

Templates and libraries are in place for all AEHR 12K style boards, which includes MAX3 and MAX4 interface, Wakefield, express test HAST systems, MCC HPB 3 and 5, and all ADEC styles ovens.

Our process engineering production team customize the manufacturing process in our state of the art facility in San Jose, USA for high end complex burn in boards. In house flying probe testers, RTMís and bench set up stations, IS provides open and short tests, dynamic test coverage and also signal integrity checks for high speed signal PCB layout. Our production floor is equipped to process larger size MCC boards ( 24 INCH x 24 INCH) starting from solder paste printing, pick & place, reflow, wave solder, and flying probe tester.

Specific Burin boards are PCB layout for any custom system types. Infiniti Solutions maintain a very close business partnerships with all burn in socket manufacturers and the PCB fabrication houses to work together for upcoming fine pitch devices and high wattage requirements.

Other than Burn-In, IS also PCB layout and Manufacture customer specific application boards includes Interface boards, test boards, program cards, load boards, ESD and latch up board, probe cards and demo boards.

Process Equipments :

Type Equip Name Model Manufacturer Name
Reflow Oven Heller 1800 EXL Heller
Reflow Oven Heller 1809 EXL Heller
Reflow Oven Vitronics SMR 500 Vitronics
Reflow Oven Vitronics 850 EXL Vitronics
Wave Solder Sensby LG 600 F Sensby
TD MP18 Technical Devices
EPK EPK 400 Electrovert
Wash TD Poly SMT 324 Technical Devices
Recycle( TD) Wash AKS-SM AKS
Recycle(Manual) Wash 212 Resys
Pick & Place Mydata BI MY 9 Mydata
Mydata CM MY 9 Mydata
Zevatech FS 730 Juki(Orig : Zevatech)
Zevatech FS 730 Plus Juki(Orig : Zevatech)
Zevatech FM 740 Juki(Orig : Zevatech)
Juki KE1080 E Juki
Juki KE760 Juki
Juki KE 760L Juki
Juki KE 2030 Juki
Printers Dek MY 9 Mydata
Dek Inf 265 DEK
MPM UF3000XL Speedline/MPM
Dek Horizon Horizon DEK
Misc. Equip X-Ray GR 1525 GenRad
AirVac DRS 24C Air Vac
AirVac PCBRM-12 Air Vac
Koh Young KY 3020 Koh Young
Vision VS 7 Vision
Ultra Sonic 4HT-1826-18 Crest
Aqueous Zero Ion Zero Ion Aqueous Technology
Oven CM Despatch
Oven BI # 1 Despatch
Oven BI # 2 Despatch
BI Oven Despatch
Test ICT-HP 3070 HP
Takaya # 1 APT 8400 Takaya
Takaya # 2 APT 8400 Takaya
Takaya APT 9401 Takaya
BT 600 # 1 Infiniti
BT 600 # 2 Infiniti
BT 600 # 3 Infiniti
FCT - CM Infiniti
Other Air Compressor Smart 2525 ABAC
Dryer TB 26 Kesar


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