Infiniti Solutions
Consigned or Full Turnkey Assembly :
  • Domestic/ International procurement capability
  • Full Turnkey, consigned or mixed parts
  • MRP system tracking
  • Vendor Stocking
  • Bonded Inventory
  • JIT

Prototype and Quick turn Assembly :
  • Passive Components up to 0201
  • Components High pin count QFP, BGA ( > 1900 I/Os),
  • Connectors Thru Hole, SMT, Fine Pitch
  • RF Product Assembly
  • Cable / Box Assembly
  • Full RoHS Compliant for Volume Production - Separate Production Line
  • Over 5 years of Experience with Lead Free Manufacturing
  • Quick Turn - 24 Hrs Cycle Time, High Mix, Build & Configure to Order

Logic Board:
  • Expert PCB / Layout on these Platforms; Cadence , Allegro, & AutoCAD
  • High Density and Fine Line Techniques, Blind and Buried Vias when required, RF and Controlled Impedance
  • Double side PCB to Multi-layer (any layer count) complex PCB layout
  • High speed, Impedance control board PCB layout
  • High density SMT PCB layout (BGA, uBGA, QFN, CSP, WCSP, COB,...etc)
  • PCB Layer stack up management for signal integrity and impedance control
  • Copper path/area management for high current and low voltage drop
  • Signal integrity analysis to meet PCB layout and performance need (matched length, differential pairs, ground shielding,...etc)
  • Exclusive Engineering team for analysis and quality check.
  • Complete Documentation packages with quick turnaround time.

Testing Service (FPT, ICT, FT):
  • Flying Probe Test (For Small and Production run)
    • One Takaya 9400 series tester (handle 24 inch X 24 inch board, 0.18mm pitch)
    • Two Takaya 8400 series tester (handle 24 inch X 12 inch board, 0.18mm pitch)
  • HP3070 In Circuit tester (For production run)
  • BT-600 Leakage Test (PCB layout and build by IS system division, measures leakage test up to 50nA on bare board)
  • JTAG/ Boundary Scan Test
  • Hi POT Testing
  • Box / System Level Functional Test (Custom Platform, PC based platform)

PCBA, Box build and System:
  • Assemblies with High pin count and POP packages
  • RF assemblies and products
  • ROHS complaint Assemblies
  • Assembly on different Laminates (FR-4, Polyimide P95/96, Roger, Nelco..etc)
  • Cable and BOX Assemblies
  • Bench Testers, Field units, vibration control units
  • Burn in systems


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